segunda-feira, janeiro 12, 2004

Michael Moore

Eu gosto do Michael Moore. É uma voz contestatária no meio do consenso, tantas vezes forçado, que domina a opinião pública norte americana em relação a certos assuntos. Li o seu livro "Stupid White Men" e as acusações gravíssimas que continha sobre a fraude elitoral que levou Bush à presidência e sobre os interesses obscuros da plutocracia instalada. Uma das suas grandes causas tem sido a constestação à guerra do Iraque, que considera ilegítima. O site dele tem algumas cartas de soldados e familiares que expicam muita coisa que se está a passar no Iraque e nos EUA. Passo a citar:

Jerry Oliver of the U.S. Army, who has just returned from Baghdad, writes:

"I have just returned home from "Operation Iraqi Freedom". I spent 5 months in Baghdad, and a total of 3 years in the U.S. Army. I was recently discharged with Honorable valor and returned to the States only to be horrified by what I've seen my country turn into. I'm now 22 years old and have discovered America is such a complicated place to live, and moreover, Americans are almost oblivious to what's been happening to their country. America has become "1984." Homeland security is teaching us to spy on one another and forcing us to become anti-social. Americans are willingly sacrificing our freedoms in the name of security, the same Freedoms I was willing to put my life on the line for. The constitution is in jeopardy. As Gen. Tommy Franks said, (broken down of course) One more terrorist attack and the constitution will hold no meaning."

I have also heard from their friends and relatives, and from other veterans. A mother writing on behalf of her son (whose name we have withheld) wrote:

"My son said that this is the worst it's been since the "end" of the war. He said the troops have been given new rules of engagement, and that they are to "take out" any persons who aggress on the Americans, even if it results in "collateral" damage. Unfortunately, he did have to kill someone in self defense and was told by his commanding officer 'Good kill.'
"My son replied ‘You just don't get it, do you?'
"Here we are...Vietnam all over again.

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