terça-feira, fevereiro 21, 2006

mas também, ainda segundo o Googlism (que me faz lembrar essas tontas que são as astrólogas):

tiberius is scared
tiberius is rich in churches from the crusader and byzantine periods
tiberius is such a friendly dog
tiberius is called pontifex maximus
tiberius is a warm and comfortable hotel where guests feel at home

ernesto is essentially a person painter and all the figures are the mask of his own self
ernesto is astounded and dismayed
ernesto is also principal of the preparatory school in cuiautitlan izcalli
ernesto is in love with the beautiful but penniless widow norina
ernesto is
ernesto is a talented musician and singer from havana
ernesto is a latin rock band that really captures everyone's identity

zizou is zizou
zizou is a fucking champ
zizou is not playing that bad
zizou is out
zizou is "the sort of brother christophe always wanted"

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