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Lou Cona Named President of Condé Nast Media Group

Lou Cona
Lou Cona
Lou Cona has been named the president and chief revenue officer of Condé Nast Media Group, CEO Charles Townsend announced today. Mr. Cona has been the chief marketing officer at Condé Nast for the past three years.
“This new appointment reflects Lou’s success in growing ad revenue and evolving our advertiser relationships into more diversified, strategic partnerships,” Mr. Townsend said in the announcement.
Before going to Condé Nast Media Group in 2008, Mr. Cona Condé Nast was the four years as vice president and publisher of  The New Yorker and Vanity Fair.
“Lou’s idea-driven client approach is truly unique in the industry,” Condé Nast president  Bob Sauerberg said. “His ability to create meaningful relationships to promote clients’ marketing objectives is unparalleled.”

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