terça-feira, fevereiro 21, 2006

O Google não engana!

Não há fonte de verdade mais inesgotável que o Google. Mas é preciso um intérprete para compreender a sapiência do Google. Esse intérprete é o Googlism. Basta perguntar ao Googlism sobre qualquer coisa, e ele traz de imediato a resposta.

Duvidam? Entao vejam as respostas do Googlism sobre a identidade dos membros do Núcleo:


zizou is not a man for the big games

zizou is impeccably bred from one of the premier thoroughbred lineages

zizou is 13

zizou is a real gourmet

zizou is so gay if you are not a violet boy

DJ Carcaça:

dj is being brought over to the tent by a limo

dj is waiting to serve you

dj is voice of the university

dj is on fire and he hasn't even had a drink yet

dj is 3 1/2 years old

dj is dead


Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about cablogue yet. (também não admira, o Cablogue tem andado calado)


ernesto is performing the vivaldi concerti on thursday

ernesto is a mexican of average size

ernesto is a 1989 graduate from educating hands in miami florida

ernesto is hustled into the robbers' getaway car

ernesto is an animal

ernesto is part of the same family as the late gordo

ernesto is the most complex rendition of homosexuality yet to reach the screen


vostra is prometeo


tiberius is fighting in germany

tiberius is rapidly expanding throughout the mid

tiberius is a very active cat and is made up of muscle instead of fat

tiberius is allowed to become emperor

tiberius is in alle staten wanneer hij de ware bedoelingen van seianus verneemt

tiberius is not

tiberius is a brutal thug

tiberius is remembered as a monster and tyrant

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